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Established in the 1970's, we were one of the first Chinese take-away in Benfleet, Essex.

This family run business, with two generations and a legacy that has been left from our late father (Philip), the founder of Kamble.

Philip migrated from Hong Kong and his goal was to be at the heart of the local community and to ensure that his cantonese cooking was at the highest quality to satisfy our customers.


Roseberry Walk's  parade of shops have gone through many changes and so has Kamble's

-  Cosmetics changes to the front shop to ensure a modern look

-  Electronics Tills to speed up ordering

-  Additional lines to increase call capacity 

-  Card payment system

-  Home Delivery service

-  Local advertising to support the local businesses


However,  we are always looking to innovate our dishes and this has been reflected in our menu for the last 4 decades.


Happy Eating !!!

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